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The Great Reset: Central Bank Digital Currency

CoP 27: Climate Ten Commandments

Preparation for the Great Final Crisis
and Sealing of the People of God

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«It is the channel where I have learned the most. Every program teaches me something new. I’m learning about healthy eating and its effect on our brains. I’ve even started to modify my diet. I’ve learned a lot about Bible prophecy, the reality of the flood, and how the human race has deteriorated as a result of sin. I realize…

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St. Ignatius of Loyola and
the First Jesuits

True Doctrines versus False Doctrines

Apostasy entered the Christian Church in the first centuries of its existence. Paul said that the mystery of iniquity was already operating in his time. The Roman Emperor Constantine authorized and confirmed the entry of pagan traditions into the Church, including Sunday worship. Constantine proclaimed the first Sunday Law.

Since then, the problem of false doctrines and the entrance of the world into the Church has not ceased to grow. The Catholic Church was responsible for the great intellectual darkness that prevailed during the Middle Ages.

The light could only break through the darkness thanks to the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther. The light of the Word of God caused a great revival in the Church. The Reformers were progressively marginalized and ex-communicated. It was not their intention to break with the Church, but eventually it became necessary for them to leave. The power of the Word awakened the people to such an extent that the Church felt it was in danger of losing control.

There began the Jesuit Counter-Reformation, whose open mission was to destroy Protestantism and to strengthen the dominion and influence of the Pope. Today, we see the sad result of the enormous Jesuit influence in the Christian Church. Most Protestants are no longer Protestants: the protest is practically over. Protestant theology – that is, religious beliefs and doctrines based on the word of God – has lost its validity and vigor. The Christian Churches have allied themselves with Rome by obeying traditions of men without any biblical foundation whatsoever.

Today, more than ever, we must fight against all forms of apostasy that have penetrated the Church, and vindicate as Luther did the Scriptures as the only source of authority in matters of religion (Sola Scriptura). We must carry out the protest to the point of proclaiming: «Babylon is fallen» (Revelation 14:8), and call the people of God to come out of her.

The Book of Revelation tells us about the 144,000: «And in their mouth was found no guile, for they are without blemish before the throne of God» (Revelation 14:5). The time has come to speak out, declaring with power from heaven the Present Truth for this generation.


Objectives of the Covid Plandemic

The Covid “Plandemic”, a health crisis deliberately provoked by the elites that rule the world, was created with three main objectives:

  1. Rehearse the restrictive measures and controls that will be applied to control populations in a new political regime on a global scalecalled “New World Order”.
  2. Accelerate the implementation of a new economic and financial model through a “Great Reset”, which will lead us to a single digital world currency, controlled by the state as it already is in China.
  3. Terrorize populations into accepting an experimental genetic injection (the so-called Covid 19 “vaccine”) that is killing, injuring and sterilizing millions of people throughout the world.

The world elite deliberately provoked a false health crisis with the purpose of reducing the population by the genocide of the “vaccine” and to subdue the survivors using control mechanisms such as those applied in China. The Covid virus left that country and brings with it the same totalitarian agenda that has subjected the Chinese people to a cruel communist health dictatorship. In this model of government, the currency is completely digital and controlled by the government, which also controls the «electronic wallet» of each citizen. The government has the power to dictate which transactions are allowed and for what amount. This New World Order will be the last kingdom on earth before the return of Jesus.

The introduction of the Covid “vaccine”

It is important to clarify that the governments of most countries in the world introduced the Covid «vaccine» as the only acceptable remedy to cure this disease. The medical and hospital communities were prohibited from using all other known alternative remedies, including natural remedies.

In many cases, people chose to get vaccinated because of the great economic, social and family pressure placed on them, as well as the continuous propaganda in the media. They are made to believe that the unvaccinated are a public menace, irresponsible citizens who do not take their fellow men into consideration.

The Increase in the Mortality Rate since the Introduction of the Covid “vaccine”

The reality is that, since the introduction of the vaccine in December 2020, hundreds of thousands of people around the world die or are disabled by Covid every month. The victims already number in the millions worldwide. According to the New York Times, more than 5.44 Billion people throughout the world have received at least one injection of Covid, which is equivalent to almost 71% of the world’s population.

All categories of the population are dying from the adverse effects of the vaccine: athletes and young people in good health, babies, the elderly and adults. Every day the news is filled with reports of sudden and unexplained deaths of personalities in public life who die on camera or at a show.

The statistics only partially reflect the tragic reality of what is happening in all countries. We must be aware that the statistics probably reflect only 10 to 20% of injuries and deaths, since most of them are never reported to governments. The death rate is highest in countries with the highest vaccination rates.

It is also important to understand that governments, for example the CDC in the United States, changed the rules on how to count vaccinated people. (In fact, the CDC had already changed the way they count people who died from Covid: every person who died with Covid was counted as a Covid death, even if the person had died of other causes such as a heart attack or car accident that had no relation to Covid).

The American CDC only counts people who have received three Covid injections among those vaccinated. In other words, if you die of a harmful effect after the first or second dose of the «vaccine», your death will NOT be counted among the deceased from the vaccine.

Governments in general are hiding the reality of the adverse consequences of the vaccine among their respective populations and only a very small percentage is registered in VAERS (EU), EudraVigilance (Europe), and other official databases. That is why we need to resort to other sources of information to obtain a better idea of the effect of mass vaccination on populations.

Statistics regarding children and young people from the introduction of the vaccine (December 2020) until the end of September 2022:


-159 deaths of children (the real number is much higher)

-1,200 permanently disabled

-14,500 hospitalizations

-55,000 injuries

– 4,500 fetus deaths


Depending on the country, from 700% to 1699% increase in mortality among children


72% reduction in the birth rate 9 months after the deployment of the Covid vaccine in 2021

Other figures related to the Covid vaccine:

In the US and Europe combined (but excluding the entire UK) as of the end of August 2022, 76,789 deaths and 6,089,773 injuries were recorded in official databases.

Among athletes, 1,321 heart attacks and 900 deaths were publicly confirmed in 2021 after receiving the vaccine.

In the United States, there is a +84% mortality rate among the 25-44 age group according to life insurance and funeral homes.

+184% in the world mortality rate

+10,000% in cases of cancer, including sudden aggravation of cancers which had been in long-term remission

And finally, SADS – or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – is the #1 cause of death among the 18-55 age group in Canada, Australia and Europe. This Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is being covered and disguised with another hoax, the «Long Covid». «Long Covid» does not exist: it is a lie to hide the havoc caused by the vaccine in the bodies and lives of those vaccinated. It would seem that those most affected are young people in perfect health who suddenly collapse without any known cause.

The Testimony of Life Insurance Companies

To wrap up this statistical overview, let’s consider some additional figures, coming from life insurers. This industry is one of the most affected by the deaths caused by the experimental genetic injection of Covid, since it directly affects their income. According to one of the largest life insurers in North America, benefit payments for 2021 increased 164% compared to 2020:

They paid out $500M in benefitsThey paid out $548M in benefitsPaid out $1.4B in benefits
 +9% compared to 2020+164% compared to 2021, the year of deployment of the Covid «vaccine»

Finally, we must consider the figures related to Excess Mortality, which is defined as the increase in mortality above the projections based on the average mortality history of the preceding years and months. According to life insurance, excess deaths in 2020 was 7,828 deaths. However, after the introduction of the vaccine in December 2020, the excess deaths in the United States 20,647 deaths, corresponding to an increase of 40% compared to 2020. These analysts affirm that this increase is not due to the Covid disease .

Although the report does not clearly state it, we at DNJ TV know that the cause of this increase in mortality is the experimental genetic injection that was introduced under the pretext of Covid.

The Testimony of the Funeral Homes

Perhaps the most disturbing testimony is that of the embalmers employed in funeral homes. In addition to the fact that these funeral homes confirm the trend that we have described here – namely, the great increase in mortality, especially among children and adolescents – they make us part of another phenomenon: approximately 85% of the bodies prepared for burial are invaded by very large blood clots that have caused fatal injuries to major organs.

An independent laboratory in the United States examined some of these clots and determined that they are not of biological origin. That is, some synthetic components of the vaccine proliferate in the body and «grow» to the point of damaging vital organs.


For the vaccinee survivors, their life expectancy has been shortened because of the internal damages caused by this injection, more or less serious depending on the case. But those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Intercessor have hope that our Almighty God has the power to protect and heal the sick and wounded. However, the best option of all is to NOT get vaccinated.

Mainstream media is keeping absolute silence on this tragedy, as are most social media platforms. Currently there is almost total censorship on this subject.

DNJ TV is one of the very few sources of truthful information about Covid 19 and the new experimental genetic injection. We provide statistics and information that the traditional media are not presenting. In addition, we present the spiritual aspects of the health crisis and how both the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness are using it to further their goals.

Our programming includes topics on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 8 Natural Laws of Health, healthy eating, and natural remedies to heal diseases.

Medical Missionary work is «the right arm of the Gospel.» Our diet is critical for our health and for our relationship with God, since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). Every Seventh-day Adventist should be a witness to the tangible positive results of temperance and good hygiene of life. We must preserve our temples and trust in the promises of good health that God gives us in his word, given on condition of living in obedience to his Natural Law and Moral Law.

The Great Reset: Central Bank Digital Currency

In March 2022, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14067, in which he outlines the United States strategy to introduce the new programmable Digital Currency, which would be issued and controlled by the American Central Bank. This currency would completely replace cash and all current payment methods. Since then, the entire process of causing a national and international collapse to implement the Great Financial Reset has accelerated.

In November 2022, a working group was established to move the project forward. The group includes the Federal Reserve, the National Economic Council, the Office of Science and Technology, the Council on Homeland Security and the Treasury Department.

This centralized cryptocurrency would be associated with the digital means of identification and would allow full control by the state. There would no longer be any financial freedom or privacy. All transactions would be monitored and could potentially be voided by the government.

11 countries have already launched their core digital currency including Nigeria and many Caribbean nations. An additional 14 countries have launched pilot programs including South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and China who aim to expand their current use of the Digital Yuan by 2023. 1,112 countries, representing 95% of Gross World Product, are exploring this type. of core currency.

In fact, nine U.S. financial institutions, including Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Mastercard launched a pilot program working with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to test the feasibility of a digital dollar based on distributed ledger technology.

Central bank controlled digital currencies will be one of the biggest human rights violations in human history. The central bank would have absolute control of all aspects of a citizen’s financial life. They could freely and indiscriminately restrict, censor, prevent and cancel purchase/sale transactions of any kind for any reason, even without justification. The fact that this digital currency is programmable makes it very easy to impose controls and conditions on participation in the economy.

These developments prophesied in the Bible interest us greatly because very soon you will not be able to buy or sell unless you receive the mark of the beast. We are told that for God’s people «the problem of buying and selling will become a very serious problem.»

At your children’s school board meeting, you complained that they forced you to wear a mask. Transactions restricted for one day.

You exceeded the mileage allowance for your vehicle and also exceeded your carbon limit. Transactions prohibited for several days.

You posted some messages on Facebook questioning the integrity of the last elections. Transactions prohibited for one week.

You refused to take the last booster of Prizer’s mRNA vaccine. Transactions denied for a month.

You rebelled against the lockdown protocols and traveled outside of your quarantine zone. Transactions denied for a quarter.

In this way, central banks will be able to influence and control the behavior of citizens. The centralized digital currency is programmable. Tied to their digital ID, their vaccine passport, their carbon footprint, and the social credit system, citizens’ entire lives are at the mercy of the ruling elite, as is already the case in China. This “energetic health totalitarianism” is what awaits us in the months to come. This is why Covid was launched, as a test for even more draconian controls that governments will impose.

This control of buying and selling will be associated with the new climate laws established in COP 27 and which include rest on Sunday, called climate Sunday. Climatic Sunday is the preamble to the mark of the beast.

At DNJ TV we arm ourselves spiritually to be able to emerge victorious from the test on Saturday and receive the Seal of God and His Spirit in the form of the Early and Latter Rain.

Sources:Atlantic Council CBDC Tracker, Kanekoa News


Foto: Aviones asperjando una preparación química en el aire consistiendo de nano-partículas de metales tóxicos como mercurio, aluminio y plomo, y fibras de polímero. No, no se trata de la condensación del motor de los aviones, sino de un arma de la geo-ingeniería o modificación deliberada del clima. También la crisis climática ha sido provocada deliberadamente con el fin de acelerar el establecimiento del Reino de la Bestia.

CoP 27: Climate Ten Commandments

In October 2021, the most important Climate Summit since the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in September 2015 was held in Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom. Both the Glasgow meeting and its predecessor in Paris were greatly influenced by the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si from Pope Francis.

 CoP 26 provoked a great mobilization of the Catholic Church and allied churches and organizations in the Ecumenical Movement led by Rome. In their communication campaign in the media and social networks, they emphasized the request to the Christian community to celebrate a «climate Sunday» to preserve the earth from the damage caused by global warming. In fact, it was even encouraged to celebrate religious services in honor of the earth on Sunday. From a biblical perspective, this is a form of paganism and idolatry: the creation is worshiped instead of the Creator.

One year later, CoP 27 enters the scene, held in Egypt in November 2022. It is interesting that Rome chose this country to celebrate this Climate Summit. In the Bible, Egypt symbolizes atheism – the total denial and rejection of the supreme God, sovereign of heaven and earth. The organizers chose a location that many believe to be the biblical Mount Sinai, the place where God pronounced his law in the ears of the people of Israel and then wrote it on stone tablets that Moses brought to the congregation. (We know that this mount located in Egypt is not the genuine Mount Sinai, which is in Saudi Arabia.)

World religious leaders proclaimed the Ten Climate Commandments there, in imitation of the Ten Commandments of Divine Law. In other words, religious leaders in association with secular organizations set aside the Divine Law and supplant it with laws of men. The word of God says in Psalms 119:126: “Time is to act, oh Jehovah, because

they have made void your law.” These false law-givers ignore this warning at their peril: they are “arrogant and cursed who stray from God’s commandments” (Psalms 119:21).

Not only do these men position themselves as law-givers in the place of the Creator, but they want the nations to repent of their land-related sins and transgressions. And not to ask the Creator for forgiveness for having hurt His creation, but to ask the Earth (that is, the goddess Gaia or Pachamama) for forgiveness for these offenses.

These are the Ten Principles of Climate Repentance read at CoP 27 on the supposed Mount Sinai:

  1. We are stewards of this world
  2. Creation manifests divinity
  3. Everything in life is interconnected
  4. Do no harm
  5. Preserve tomorrow
  6. Rise above your “ego” for the world
  7. Change your indoor climate
  8. Repent and come back
  9. Every action matters
  10. Use your mind, open your heart.


We can ask ourselves, if they do not recognize the Creator as the owner of the world, who then do they recognize as its owner? What is the divinity who is honored and obeyed with these commandments? We see an amalgamation of principles from various religions including Buddhist and New Age, combined with aphorisms of positive thinking.

After the group read these Ten Principles of Climate Repentance, one of the organizers threw two tablets to the ground and broke them, just as Moses did 4,000 years ago. It is very interesting that one of the tablets had “Broken Promises” written on it in Hebrew. Interesting because it was the people of Israel who promised God to fulfill his law, yet they never managed to fulfill his promise.

Many Churches and places of religious worship around the world joined the event with prayer and the study of possible actions to preserve the natural environment.

Apart from the “religious” tone of the event, the focus of CoP 27 is the implementation of concrete measures by the 200 member nations of the United Nations Organization to try to repair the damage caused by the climate crisis. For example, more developed nations are being asked to double the funds given to poor nations so that they can transition from non-renewable energy to renewable energy sources. One of the most discussed measures is the payment of penalties by rich nations to poor nations, which are considered to be the most affected by natural calamities.

Internationally renowned scientists – who have dedicated their lives to the genuine service of truth for the good of humanity and whose salaries do not depend on corrupt governments and institutions – have shown that the greatest cause of the undeniable climate crisis facing the planet is NOT carbon gas emissions. No. As the word of God in Revelation 11 makes us understand, the destruction of the earth is a deliberate work carried out by a global elite guided by a satanic agenda. This work of organized destruction of God’s creation is called «geo-engineering.»

Under the guise of wanting to repair the current damage, in reality, much greater damage is being caused through geo-engineering. These honest scientists estimate that if the planned and deliberate work of destruction continues at its current rate, the earth’s ecosystem will not be able to support life beyond 2025. It is not automobiles or manufacturing plants that are doing irreversible damage to the planet. The Ten Principles of Climate Repentance are a hypocritical farce behind which is hidden the truth of the destruction of our eco-system.

The Creator of heaven and earth will have the last word on the matter of the climate crisis, which is simply a Trojan horse to invalidate Divine Law and introduce human law in its place. This human law will end up imposing a false day of worship, Sunday or the first day of the week, rising in opposition to the Law of God. This is called Climate Sunday, which will be the first stage in the introduction of the mark of the beast.

“17 saying: We thank you, Lord God Almighty, who is and who was and who is to come, because you have taken your great power, and you have reigned. 18 And the nations were angry, and your wrath has come, and the time to judge the dead, and to reward your servants, the prophets, the saints, and those who fear your name, the small and the great,and to destroy those who destroy the earth. 19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and His Ark of the Covenant was seen in the temple. And there were lightnings, voices, thunder, an earthquake, and great hail.” (Revelation 11:17-19)

The Ark of the Covenant contains the Law of God. At the end of time, all humanity will be able to see that the Divine Law, which they have despised and trampled on, is the measure used in the Final Judgment to judge and condemn them.


For more information on the deliberate destruction of the planet, we invite you to visit the site Geoengineering Watch | Exposing the climate engineering cover-up and to visit the YouTube channel of scientist Dane Wigington.

Global religious leaders promote climate action during UN climate conference COP 27 (prnewswire.com)

COP27 attendees are standing on holy ground | Global Sisters Report

Activists smash tablets atop ‘Mount Sinai’ to launch faith-based climate push | The Times of Israel

Preparation for the Great Final Crisis
and Sealing of the People of God.

«And I saw another angel ascending from where the sun rises, having the seal of the living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.» (Revelation 7:2-3).

Time is about to run out. We have almost reached the 6000 year limit of the Plan of Salvation. «Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look down to the earth; for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and the inhabitants thereof shall perish in like manner: but My salvation shall endure for ever, My righteousness shall not perish.» (Isaiah 51:6).

The Remnant people will face two great tests in the months and few years to come:

-We must remain faithful to the Natural Law of God (the Laws of Health) and not accept in our body the false «vaccine» of Covid, even though by decree of law it is obligatory.

-We must remain faithful to the Moral Law of God (the Ten Commandments), even if by decree of law Sunday is imposed as a day of rest.

Our faithfulness in the face of these two tests will determine whether we will remain within the Remnant, and whether we will be able to stand to receive our Redeemer on the day of His Second Coming.

All those who aspire to be part of this Remnant need special preparation, for the events to come are unprecedented. Only the Lord, who wrote the scenario of the end, can prepare us for the Great Crisis that is approaching by leaps and bounds.

«Without holiness no one will see God» (Hebrews 12:14). No athlete enters the Olympics without training. Likewise, no Adventist should enter these two great events without special preparation. At DNJ TV we are allocating significant programming time to this essential preparation in order to receive the Seal of God and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Latter Rain.

Contáctanos Para Voluntariado


DNJ TV is a self-supporting Christian Present Truth television ministry. Our mission is to spread the true end time message first to the Church and then to the world. We need your help to finish the work.

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Identity and Mission

Our Identity

DNJ TV is a self-supporting lay ministry that broadcasts the true Adventist message – the Everlasting Gospel and the Three Angels’ Messages –  to the entire world.

The focus of our message is the Present Truth for this time. All our doctrines are biblical. We also rely on the Spirit of Prophecy as a minor light and on the experiences of the Pioneers of our movement.

Our presenters may have slightly different views on some points of doctrine or theology. But we are united in our fervor to see in our Seventh-day Adventist Church a return to apostolic unity and holiness. As God’s Remnant People we are called to be different: in our worship (Sabbath), in our doctrine (Biblical), and in our diet and lifestyle (Health Reform).

We are also united by a sense of urgency about the nearness of the great events that will mark the outcome of the Plan of Salvation:

-the Sunday Law (Mark of the Beast)

-the Closing of Grace for the Remnant people and the sealing of the 144,000

-the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the form of the Latter Rain, and the Loud Cry

that culminate with the Closing of Grace for the world and the Seven Last Plagues.

Our Mission

«God’s purpose in giving the Third Angel’s Message to the world is to prepare a people to remain faithful to Him during the Investigative Judgment…

This is our purpose in the execution of every line of the work of the cause.»
(Ellen G. White, 1 Unpublished Manuscripts 228).


Our first mission is to prepare the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the two great tests that are approaching by leaps and bounds: the Sunday Law decree that will impose a false Sabbath and false Sunday worship.

The Lord is currently testing His Remnant people on His Natural Law and then He will test us on His Moral Law. The children of God who are victorious in the Sabbath test will receive the Early and Latter Rain to carry the final message of warning to a world in rebellion against God.

2) To carry the Three Angels' Message to the entire WORLD

The second mission of DNJ TV is to collaborate with the Adventist Church and other Independent ministries in taking the Three Angels’ Messages to a humanity plunged in darkness, drunk with the wine of the Great Babylon: the Roman Catholic Church. The time has almost come to give the Third Angel’s Message augmented by the power of the Holy Spirit. The last message of mercy for a fallen humanity is accompanied by the Message of Justification by Faith and the Message of Health, the right arm of the gospel.

3) Unmasking the Lies of the Enemy of Souls

Another important part of our mission is to unmask the lies of the enemy of souls in the spiritual sphere: changes to the divine law, changes to the divine calendar, false doctrines about the immortality of the soul, about hell and about deity itself. We must not forget all the cunning and subtleties introduced in the Church by the Jesuits since the time of the Counter-Reformation: preterism, futurism, the Secret Rapture, worldly music, and now Climate Sunday, the precursos of the mark of the beast.

But the lies are not limited only to the spiritual sphere. It is urgent that churches and populations lulled to sleep by the propaganda disseminated through the media wake up. Otherwise, they could pay with their death the price of deception: as for example with the Covid 19 «vaccine» which is wreaking havoc in all nations and categories of the population.

The climate crisis is another great lie to justify the introduction of the Sunday Law, when in reality the crisis is the result of a deliberate attack against creation, perpetrated by unscrupulous men thirsty for earthly power.

Finally, the New World Order and the Great Reset are other important issues about which it is urgent to educate the population. Few people know that a new regime of totalitarian rule is being prepared that will return us to the darkness of the Dark Ages economically, socially and spiritually.

Watchman on the Wall

In summary, DNJ TV has by vocation and calling to be a watchman that warns of imminent dangers. We extend the invitation to all churches and all mankind to come out of Babylon and respond to the call of a merciful God who has predestined us for eternal life.

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1) There must be a sanctified Remnant, a pure and undefiled Church, which can go through the time of trouble without an intercessor.

2) The Eternal Gospel and the Three Angels’ Messages must be preached in all the earth, to every tribe, tongue, nation and people.

This is the great work of the Lord in which we are co-participants with heaven, the Church, and the other self-supporting ministries that share this vision. Our programming is oriented to contribute to the sanctification of every Adventist, and to share the great Biblical truths with all the inhabitants of Puerto Rico and the Spanish speaking countries.

In short, our mission is to prepare a people for the coming Great Final Crisis and the encounter with their Redeemer.

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En los países de América del Sur transmitimos por el satélite Eutelsat en la Banda C en señal libre de costo. Haga instalar un pequeño receptor satelital dentro del hogar y una antena o un plato satelital de 36 pulgadas (90 cm.) al exterior. Debe orientar el plato satelital hacia el satélite Eutelsat 113 Oeste  Transponder 24C y sintonizar la Frecuencia del receptor a 4176 Mhz Banda C. Recomendamos emplear un instalador competente.

4 – En América del Norte

En América del Norte transmitimos por el satélite Eutelsat en la Banda Ku en señal libre de costo. Haga instalar un pequeño receptor satelital dentro del hogar y una antena o un plato satelital de 36 pulgadas (90 cm.) al exterior. Debe orientar el plato satelital hacia el satélite Eutelsat 117 Oeste Transponder K12 y sintonizar la Frecuencia del receptor a 11940 MHz Banda Ku Recomendamos emplear un instalador competente

5 – Desde Internet

Desde cualquier lugar del mundo a través del internet, usando cualquiera de sus dispositivos, puede ver la transmisión en directo en nuestra página web: www.dnj.tv.

Pronto estaremos también en otras plataformas del web.

Temas de Mayor Enfoque para DNJ TV

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Identidad Y Misión

Nuestra Identidad

DNJ TV es un ministerio laico a sostén propio que difunde el verdadero mensaje Adventista – el Evangelio Eterno y el Mensaje de los Tres Ángeles – en idioma español para todo el continente americano. 

El enfoque de nuestro mensaje es  la Verdad Presente para este tiempo. Todas nuestras doctrinas son bíblicas. Nos apoyamos también sobre el Espíritu de Profecía como luz menor y sobre las experiencias de los Pioneros de nuestro movimiento.

Nuestros presentadores pueden tener puntos de vista ligeramente diferentes sobre algunos puntos de doctrina o teología. Pero nos une el fervor de ver en nuestra Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día un retorno a la unidad y la santidad apostólicas. Como Pueblo Remanente de Dios somos llamados a ser diferentes: en nuestra adoración (en sábado), en nuestra doctrina (Bíblica), y en nuestra alimentación e higiene de vida (Reforma de Salud).

También nos une un sentimiento de urgencia sobre la cercanía de los grandes eventos que marcarán el desenlace del Plan de Salvación: la Ley Dominical (Marca de la Bestia), el Cierre de Gracia para el pueblo Remanente y el sellamiento de los 144 000, el derramamiento del Espíritu Santo en la forma de la Lluvia Tardía, y el Fuerte Pregón que culmina con el Cierre de Gracia para el mundo y las Siete Plagas Postreras.

Nuestra Misión

“El propósito de Dios al dar el Mensaje del Tercer Ángel al mundo es de preparar 

un pueblo a permanecer fieles a Él durante el Juicio Investigador… Este es nuestro propósito en la ejecución de toda línea de trabajo de la causa.”
(Elena G. de White, 1 Manuscritos Inéditos 228).


Nuestra primera misión es de preparar a la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día para las dos grandes pruebas que se acercan a pasos agigantados: Como el decreto de Ley Dominical que impondrá un falso reposo y una falsa adoración en domingo.

El Señor está actualmente probando a Su pueblo Remanente sobre su Ley Natural y luego nos probará sobre su Ley Moral. Los hijos de Dios que salgan victoriosos en la prueba del sábado recibirán la Lluvia Temprana y Tardía para llevar el último mensaje de advertencia a un mundo en rebelión contra Dios.

2) Llevar el Mensaje de los Tres Ángeles
a toda la población de habla hispana:

La segunda misión de DNJ TV es de colaborar con la Iglesia Adventista y otros ministerios Independientes en llevar el Mensaje de los Tres Ángeles a una humanidad en tinieblas, ebria con el vino de la Gran Babilonia: la Iglesia Católica Romana. La hora casi ha llegado de dar el Mensaje del Tercer Ángel aumentado del poder del Espíritu Santo. El último mensaje de misericordia para una humanidad caída va acompañado del Mensaje de la Justificación por la Fé y del Mensaje de Salud, el brazo derecho del evangelio.

3) Desenmascarar las Mentiras del Enemigo de las Almas

Otra parte importante de nuestra misión es desenmascarar las mentiras del enemigo de las almas en la esfera espiritual: cambios a la ley divina, cambios al calendario divino, falsas doctrinas sobre la inmortalidad del alma, sobre el infierno y sobre la deidad misma. No debemos olvidar todas las astucias y sutilezas introducidas en las Iglesias por los Jesuitas desde el tiempo de la Contra-Reforma: preterismo, futurismo, el Rapto Secreto, música mundana, y ahora el domingo climático …

Pero las mentiras no se limitan únicamente a la esfera espiritual. Es urgente que las Iglesias y poblaciones adormecidas por la propaganda diseminada a través de los medios de comunicación puedan despertar. De lo contrario, podrían pagar con su muerte el precio del engaño: como por ejemplo con la “vacuna” del Covid 19 la cual está haciendo estragos en todas las naciones y categorías de la población.

La crisis climática es otra gran mentira por la cual se quiere  introducir la Ley Dominical, cuando en realidad la crisis resulta de un ataque deliberado contra la creación, perpetrado por hombres sedientos de poder terrenal.

Finalmente, el Nuevo Orden Mundial y el Gran Reseteo son otros temas importantes sobre los cuales urge educar a la población. Pocas personas saben que se prepara un nuevo régimen de gobierno totalitario que nos hará retornar a la oscuridad de la Edad Media económicamente, socialmente y espiritualmente.

Atalayas sobre el Muro

En resumen, DNJ TV tiene por vocación y llamado ser un atalaya que advierte de los peligros inminentes, pero. Extendemos la invitación a todas las iglesias y a toda la humanidad a salir de Babilonia y a responder al llamado de un Dios misericordioso que nos ha predestinado para la vida eterna.



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